Small Group Training

There’s simply no comparing the impact of a customised fitness program. Couple that with training alongside other like-minded individuals and you have the ultimate training solution.

That’s why we run the Small Group Coaching service at Element Movement here in Exmouth. Small Group Coaching is the perfect service for any age or experience level. The program is designed for groups of 6-9 and is completely customisable to meet your unique goals and skill level. Each client has the session subtly tailored to their needs by the coach, while still complying with the intended stimulus of the programming.

Your goals, your ability, your customisation – all in the company of mates you never knew you had. If you value accountability, great results and a place with an awesome vibe that offers you more than just a workout, this is for you.

Our Small Group Coaching includes:
– Professional coaching to help you find success and stay injury free
– 1:1 fortnightly accountability sessions to ensure you continue to move towards your goals
– Customisation to meet your individual needs in a social, fun and welcoming environment
– Cutting-edge educational resources along the way
– Proven strategies for everything from improved strength to everyday mobility

Take the first step in joining our tribe today!